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Gary Cardoza Jr PGA has been coaching golfers for over 26 years. He is a member of the Proponent Group, The Skilled Coaching Alliance, a US Kids Certified Coach, and has been recognized as a top 25 instructor in New England for several years by New England Golf Monthly. In addition Gary has also been nominated to the Golf Digest Best In State for the past 5 lists. His singular focus with any student is improving the overall player’s performance on the golf course with a long term focus on the entire game. This differs from traditional swing teachers who focus solely on mechanics and the swing itself. A large amount of our time in any long term coaching program will be spent on the golf course playing the game rather than sitting on a range or in a simulator. While full swing practice is important for proper technique, the ability to validate it on the golf course is critical for long term player development. 

During your initial lesson, you'll complete a player assessment and establish the highest priorities for improvement. Mutually agreed upon goals will be established, and once you've identified the main areas of concern, a practice plan will be developed to help you achieve growth in the most efficient way possible. A full review of the goals along with fully developed practice plans will be uploaded to an online training space that you'll have access to for as long as you're a client. The site serves as a two way locker for you to communicate any questions, updates, or concerns in between lessons where Gary can review and communicate back. It's like having a coach 24/7 in your pocket. Gary is so committed to helping you improve that if you aren't satisfied with the progress over time he will coach you for free until the agreed upon goals are met. 

Gary firmly believes in working within the natural athletic movements of the player to improve the existing swing, skill sets, and overall approach to the game. Your practice plan will include ways to practice at home as well as on course practice ideas as well. It's a combination of technical movement pattern based aquisition and game like training for the golf course. Training occurs at Pine Oaks Golf Course using a combination of our indoor Trackman studio and the golf course itself to validate full ball flight and train in the real environment that we play in. Pine Oaks also has a full short game area with bunker for use in training short game techniques such as pitching putting and chipping. Some of the tools that I use to help players perform include Trackman, BodiTrak, Hackmotion, Blast, Sportsbox AI 3D Imaging and more. We also have access to golf specific exercise physiologists as well as PT services for golf specific training needs.

I am currently booked through July of 2024. The online schedule is current up to 90 days in advance. If there is no availability showing it means I am booked past the 90 day booking window. I strongly suggest booking multiple times when they become available as they will book fast. To join the waitlist for cancelltions please email Please check back often as the site updates in real time and cancellations do occur while I'm in appointments. 

Adult Individual Coaching 60 Minute Session - $125.00

Designed for adult golfers (over the age of 18) of any skill level looking for guidance on a particular area of their game. Before our session you'll fill out a player assesment that will be used to establish some goals for the session and for your game. After an evaluation of your existing swing and or skills we'll begin to formulate the goals for improvement. This session features the following:

  • Comprehensive video analysis including 3D technology.
  • Use of Flightscope or Trackman technology.
  • Use of other forms of comprehensive 3D measuring technology such as HackMotion or BodiTrak.
  • Subscription to Coach Now an online training platform where a review of our session will be uploaded.
  • Unlimited follow up on Coach Now that continues for 6 months after our last coaching session.

Once we have the information we need our attention will turn towards working through a holistic approach to developing a practice plan with feedback that you can use at home and on the practice tee. Sessions will take place at Pine Oaks Golf Course in the Flightscope simulator or on the golf course where we can validate the ball flight. We also have a full short game area featuring a bunker and chipping and pitching spaces to work on the full spectrum of your game.  Our findings as well as a review of what to work on and how will be uploaded to your personal Coach Now site. With Coach Now you have the ability to post to the site as well and it serves as a communication tool that can be used for contact and updates in between lessons to further expedite your development. Anytime you post something to the site I am notified and can respond. This ensures that your developement stays on track and our established goals are met even in between in person sessions. It's like having access to me whenever you want. 

Adult Individual Coaching 30 Minute Session - $70.00 - Ideal for players over the age of 18 who are looking for a quick opinion or a set of eyes on something to then go work on on their own. The 30 minute session will use video however Coach Now is not provided with this option. There is also no post lesson video review with this session. 

Junior Individual Coaching 

Junior Individual Coaching  60 Minute Session - $85.00 - Ideal for juniors aged 10 to 17. Our junior player development programs are structured around the LTAD - ADM Model or Long Term Athletic Development, American Development Model as well as tenets of the Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coaching strategies. This session includes everything that the adult 60 minute private includes. Sessions will take place at the Pine Oaks Golf Course using our indoor state of the art Flightscope simulator or the golf course itself to validate full flight depending on our lesson plan and goals. Many of our juniors have gone on to compete in local, state, and national events including the US Kids World Junior Championship. This also comes with the online training space detailed above in the adut 60 minute option. 

Junior Individual Coaching 30 Minute Session - $50.00 - Ideal for junior golfers aged 4 to 10. Our junior player development programs are built on the LTAD - ADM Model described above as well as the Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coaching Strategies. This session will take place at Pine Oaks Golf Course in our state of the art indoor Trackman simulator or on course to validate full flight depending on what our goals are and our current lesson plan. The use of technology including 3D and video is included but is used based upon the appropriate skill level and comprehension of the junior golfer. Our focus at this level is cultivating a fun experience while allowing the junior golfer to explore different avenues of playing the game such as competitive golf. Many of our juniors have gone on to play in local, state, and national junior events including the US Kids Junior World Championship. 







Player Development and On Course Programs 

On Course Evaluation $250.00 - This is a full 9 hole on course session at Pine Oaks Golf Course. This will allow me to not only evaluate you in the real environment of the golf course but to demonstrate and discuss tactics for playing better, smarter golf. At the conclusion of play we will spend some time going over the tracked data from the round and developing an actionable plan for your improvement. A full review will be provided to you using the Coach Now online training space. This session may include up to 2 other players as a way of recreating the stress that we'd encounter on the golf course. Due to the on course nature of the session, there is not a heavy emphasis placed on technique while we're out there as we need to keep pace with other groups. A full review including drills and strategies is provided after the round has concluded. The session with the post round review may last up to 3 hours. This session must be scheduled through email due to course availability constraints.

The Scoring System $999.00 - This is a 10 session 12 hour limited enrollment program designed for adult golfers and junior golfers over the age of 12 with some on course playing experience already. This complete player development program includes: Currently sold out. This is the most popular program we offer and the best value for complete player development. To join the waitlist please email

  • 2 full 9 hole playing sessions at Pine Oaks Golf Course, one at the beginning and one at the end of the program in the spring.
  • A complete evaluation of your game after our first round identifying the main areas needed to improve to lower your scores. 
  • A full practice plan developed specifically for you and your game. This is not a cookie cutter model.
  • 8 One hour sessions spent developing the technique and skills needed to improve as identified in your on course evaluation. These sessions are scheduled as you go like a regular individual private lesson would be.
  • Advance access and priority scheduling of your appointment ahead of general availability.
  • At the conclusion of the program we go back out on the golf course and play another 9 holes in a foursome or one on one to validate and evaluate what we've worked on all winter.
  • Access to Coach Now where your videos, practice plans, and any other relevant material associated with your development plan will be uploaded for you to review.
  • Unlimited online support outside of the confines of our in person lessons both during and after the program completes.
  • If our agreed upon goals are not met within the established agreed upon time frame, Gary will coach you for free after the program ends until they are.

If you were to schedule these sessions individually you'd pay $1699.00. To register and for additional information please email Gary directly at

The Scoring System Elite Program $1299.00 - This is basically The Scoring System with a twist. Players who enroll in this program will enjoy eveyrthing the scoring system offers with the addition of the opportunity to play a full 18 hole round in a New England PGA Pro-Am as part of the training. This program is ideal for anyone looking to shoot lower scores and validate the effort in a ProAm at one of New England's many picturesque layouts. ProAm's are typically played throughout the season at many of the area's top private clubs. It's a fun day on the golf course that includes lunch OR dinner, Side games for the ProAm are included in the program fee. This is a fun relaxing way to play 18 holes with me and 2 other players that is sure to provide a memorable experience. This program is currently SOLD OUT. To join the waitlist please email

Remote Individual Coaching Services Powered By Skillest - FOLLOW ME ON SKILLEST AND RECEIVE A FREE ONLINE LESSON

Skillest is a powerful training platform that allows for elite golf training no matter where you are in the world or how much time you have to invest. It has been proven that remote coaching is an effective way of improving your game and reaching your goals. Most high performance coaches offer some type of online remote coaching platform and Gary Cardoza Golf is no different. Train anywhere anytime on your schedule without waiting for an in person appointment. Remote learning is as effective a way to improve if not better than in person. Stop cruising YouTube hoping for the magic bullet that fixes your game and start improving now without leaving your home. Choose an option here on Skillest based on your needs and start your training today. All Skillest sessions are billed through the app directly. Your review and practice plans will be available within 48 hours of your submission. To view my online options or to follow me on Skillest click here

Individual One Time Single Review $49.00 - Details available on Skillest.

The Performance Program (Limited Monthly) $89.00 per month - Details available on Skillest

The Performance Program (Unlimited) $159.00 per month - Details available on Skillest


Other Services

Mental Golf Workshop Evaluation $65.00 - The Mental Golf Profile Evaluation was developed by Dr. Bobby Foster, a former teaching professional and golf coach at the University of South Carolina where he coached several All-Americans including four players who went on to play on the PGA Tour. Bobby is a Certified Behavioral Analyst specializing in the DISC Behavioral Style Model. Once you work through a 10-15 minute questionnaire, the system generates a custom report about you and your mental game tendencies on the golf course. With this information, we can develop a comprehensive plan to reinforce positive strategies and lesson plans designed to compliment those tendencies making your improvement and your game better faster. To complete the Mental Golf Workshop Profile visit

Player Evaluation Session $250.00 -  This is a full 9 hole playing lesson where I will evaluate every area of your game and begin to develop an action plan that will help you become a better complete golfer. This is quite simply the best way for me to view firsthand what the priorities are for helping you improve in the fastest most efficient way possible. This session IS NOT a traditional swing mechanics lesson. There are no swing mechanics discussed during this session. For the entirety of the round I will simply observe how you play the round and ask questions as we go. We don't stop to work on any aspects of the game. Within 24 hours of completion, you'll have a full review of what areas are really solid as well as what areas we need to address and how to do so. Again this is not a swing mechanics session but more a here's how to lower your score session.

PGA Junior League $399.00 - The PGA Junior League season runs from the middle of May until the playoffs begin in August. The PGA Junior League is open to boys and girls with playing experience aged 17 and under. In addition to weekly practices, matches are held both home and away throughout a designated regular season. Participants receive numbered team jerseys in addition to instruction and the opportunity to play various courses. All matches are conducted using the scramble format that way everyone gets to participate regardless of playing ability. This is a friendly, fun way to introduce juniors to competitive golf in a non threatening, friendly, fun environment. For more information on the Pine Oaks PGA Junior League, or to register your junior please visit THIS IS NOT A DEVELOPMENTAL BEGINNER PROGRAM.



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Cancellation Policy - You have until 8:00am day of the appointment to cancel your session. Please do so by e-mailing If you cancel after 8:00am you will be charged 50% of whatever session you had registered for. If I have to cancel after 8:00am day of, your next lesson will be at 50% off of whatever session you had scheduled. If you no show for the appointment you will be billed in full for the session and any online scheduling privileges will be suspended. If for some reason, and it has never happened, that I no show you will receive your next lesson free of charge.