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Gary Cardoza Jr PGA has been coaching golfers for over 20 years. His singular focus with any student is improving the overall player’s performance on the golf course with a long term focus on the entire game. This differs from traditional swing teachers who focus solely on mechanics and the swing itself. During your initial lesson, we’ll complete a player assessment and establish the highest priorities for improvement. Goals will be determined, and a practice plan developed to help you achieve growth in the most efficient way possible. Gary firmly believes in working within the capabilities of the student to improve the existing swing and overall approach to the game. Training occurs at Pine Oaks Golf Course, or the Golf Performance Center depending on the areas of focus for any given session. In addition, Gary utilizes Swing Catalyst video swing analysis, Shot By Shot, The Mental Golf Profile, Trackman, BodiTrak and many other tools in an effort to expedite the learning process. Ultimately your improvement is so important to Gary that it comes with a money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your lesson experience then you don't pay. It's as simple as that.

Single Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions - one on one coaching:

 Game Assesment

$150.00 Full 9 Hole playing lesson to evaluate all areas of your game. Takes place at Pine Oaks Golf Course and includes all fees related to the golf course.

 40 Minute Private
 $60.00 per session. This session is ideal for those golfers looking for a basic lesson or a quick tune up. Video may be used during this session. This session does not come with use of other technology such as Trackman, BodiTrak, or Blast Motion and does not include Coach Now.

 60 Minute Private

$85.00 per session. Includes video and free Coach Now Training Space for unlimited online lessons or e-mailed lesson review. Trackman will also be used during this session as well as any other 3D motion capture tools such as Boditrak or Blast Motion that are appropriate for what we're doing. This is ideal for someone seriously looking for a long term systematic approach to lowering their scores over the long term. -Best value!

 2 Hour Private

$150.00 per session. Includes video, Coach Now Training Space, detailed Trackman report. This session is geared for long term player development. Coaching will take place at either the Golf Performance Center or Pine Oaks Golf Course. This is ideal for systematic practice and development of skill sets technical swing changes.

 30 Minute Junior

$35.00 per session. Ideal for juniors aged 5 to 11.

 60 Minute Junior

$70.00 per session. Includes video. Ideal for juniors aged 12 to 17. Includes Coach Now online training space and detailed practice plans for player development.

Trackman Combine Test - $60.00

The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test that enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. Over 10,000 combines have been taken by golfers from around the globe. From the world’s top ranked players to amateur golfers with a handicap over 20. It takes approximately 35 minutes to complete. It consists of 60 shots to 10 different targets. A score is received for each shot and target. From here it is compared to PGA Tour averages or a peer group of our choosing. It's a fantastic way to periodically track your improvement and measure exactly how you stack up to other golfers of your own ability or the world's best.

Group Coaching Sessions 60 Minutes - Bring your friends and have fun learning together:

Group of 2  -  $50.00 each

Group of 3  -  $40.00 each

Group of 4  -  $35.00 each


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Additional Services & Programs


Mental Golf Workshop Evaluation $65.00 - The Mental Golf Profile Evaluation was developed by Dr. Bobby Foster, a former teaching professional and golf coach at the University of South Carolina where he coached several All-Americans including four players who went on to play on the PGA Tour. Bobby is a Certified Behavioral Analyst specializing in the DISC Behavioral Style Model. Once you work through a 10-15 minute questionnaire, the system generates a custom report about you and your mental game tendencies on the golf course. With this information, we can develop a comprehensive plan to reinforce positive strategies and lesson plans designed to compliment those tendencies making your improvement and your game better faster. To complete the Mental Golf Workshop Profile visit

Player Evaluation Session $150.00 - This is a full 9 hole playing lesson where I will evaluate every area of your game and begin to develop an action plan that will help you become a better complete golfer. This is quite simply the best way for me to view firsthand what the priorities are for helping you improve in the fastest most efficient way possible.

PGA Junior League $275.00 - The PGA Junior League season runs from the beginning of June until the playoffs begin in August. The PGA Junior League is open to boys and girls with playing experience ages 16 and under. In addition to weekly practices, matches are held both home and away throughout a designated regular season. Participants receive numbered team jerseys in addition to instruction and the opportunity to play various courses. All matches are conducted using the scramble format that way everyone gets to participate regardless of playing ability. This is a friendly, fun way to introduce juniors to competitive golf in a non threatening, friendly, fun environment. For more information on the Pine Oaks PGA Junior League, or to register your junior please visit

Get Golf Ready $125.00 - The Get Golf Ready program is a popular ADULT player development program designed to introduce new players to the game in a 5 week group program. Each week a new topic is introduced that is designed to cover an aspect of the game crucial for playing the sport. It all starts out on the putting green with an overview of scoring and works back from there through the full swing until the class culminates with an on course session on week 5. For more information or to register for a class please e-mail

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