Welcome to Gary Cardoza Golf

Winter 2019 - 2020 coaching programs are almost full. Don't miss out on your chance to improve this off season in our climate controlled teaching bays. Full ball flight all winter from the comfort of our heated state of the art academy building.

In an unregulated industry such as golf coaching there are many individuals who set up shop and market themselves as teachers or coaches with no formal training, no prior teaching experience, and no certifications or professional affiliations. These individuals can charge the same if not more than a well trained, well educated, experienced professional. Many of these people do it for extra money or as a "side gig." Don't be fooled by any of them. Doing some homework while choosing a golf instructor is very important. If you're ready for guaranteed improvement and a professionally developed road map to get you to your goals then you're in the right place. Here at The Joe & Leigh's Golf Performance Center you'll not only understand why your golf ball is doing what it's doing but you'll have a comprehensive practice plan to help you work on and develop the skills and technique needed to lower your scores. Our state of the art technology allows to measure what's really happening in your swing and with your body in a way that a conventional video camera simply cannot. Between our Performance Center Location and Pine Oaks Golf Course you'll learn and improve in a way that will carry onto the golf course and last. It's guaranteed.


Gary has consistently been ranked among the Top 25 Golf Instructors in New England every year since 2009. He coaches players of all ages and abilities at the Joe & Leigh’s Golf Performance Center and Pine Oaks Golf Course in South Easton Massachusetts. Joe & Leigh’s state-of-the-art technologies including TRACKMAN and access to the best resources and equipment in the industry make our locations the absolute top place to learn in the region. Between the two facilities, our coaching and instruction program is able to operate year round in any weather with FULL BALL FLIGHT. The game of golf is not played into a net, or a screen. You will always have full ball flight, and part of your personally developed coaching plan will include time spent on the golf course where the game is actually played, not just on the range.

In addition to top level coaching, The Joe & Leigh’s Golf Performance Center is a Top 100 Club Fitter in America with the best, most experienced, well trained fitters in all of Southern New England. Our fitters are on top of the latest industry trends and equipment, and spend time annually at the factories being educated on everything from construction processes to how fitting can enhance a player’s performance. Combined with the Joe & Leigh’s Discount Golf Pro Shop at the Pine Oaks Golf Course, this is literally your one stop location to learn, improve, and play your best. Our dedication to your golf game is why the Joe & Leigh’s team is one of the most respected green grass shops in the country. We adapt to your learning style, and you improve.